Rezenerate Facial Review!

Sep 24 , 2019

Aspya Bali

Rezenerate Facial Review!

As most of you are aware I have a very talented daughter, Jenna who is our Aspya Skin Therapist, Jenna also develops skincare treatment plans for both our Aspya Brisbane Skin Clinic and Aspya Bali Skin Clinic

I have recently been given THE BEST FACIAL EVER so I just had to share my first-hand experience with my new favourite service that has launched at Aspya.

As Jenna knows I refer to myself as the part of the Age-Reversal Gang, so she knew I would love being the Clinic tester for our new treatment Rezenerate, but more importantly, I love my skin getting a little pampering.

Jenna asked me to try the new service that has recently launched at Aspya called Rezenerate. Its no secret, I’m a skincare addict, and I’m not easy to impress, but naturally, I was curious about this new facial. A quick Google search on the Rezenerate Facial told me that the internet was already buzzing about it! (how did I miss this...) I was keen to try this service that claimed to leave me with the skin of a goddess. Ok, maybe they didn’t say precisely that, but I DID hear that it provided terrific results. So appointment confirmed with Jenna as I had to experience it for myself, (perks of the job).